List of Works:

Lady in Mauve
Poems from Joyce’s Chamber Music
Cavalcade, Dances and Reflections
The New York Trilogy
The Wayfarer
An Image of Stars


The New York Trilogy
Workshopped at GSMD
- For Orchestra
Duration: c.15’

So Soon Vidal?
Written for John Harle and the Bauhaus Band
Recorded at GSMD
- For jazz orchestra  
Duration: c.4’

The Repeating Meme
Written for Exaudi
Workshopped in Milton Court (Jan 2024)
 - For 8 voices
Duration: c.6’30”

The Wayfarer
Written for the short film of the same name
Recorded at GSMD (Nov)
- For 9 players

The Machine Stops (opera)
Performed in Milton Court Theatre -  (Apr)
- For soprano and baritone soloists and large ensemble (16 players)
Duration: c.1h

The Machine Stops (short opera)

Written for the Silk Street Sinfonietta
Performed in Silk Street Music Hall (GSMD - Jul)
 - For large ensemble (16 players)
Duration: c.20’

Theme and Variations (Germaine Dulac film)
Written for the Guildhall Session Orchestra
Performed as part of a collaborative score for Barbican Cinema (Jun)
 - For small orchestra
Duration: 2’

Ayo Visto Lo Mappamundi
Written for the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble (ECSE)
Performed at the National Centre for Early Music as part of their BBC Young Composer Award
 - For 2 cornetts, 3 sackbuts and chamber organ
Duration:  c.4’

Cavalcade, Dances and Reflections
Inspired by Chagall’s stained glass window in Chichester Cathedral
Composed in a week as an exercise (6th-13th Feb)
 - For Cl, Vln, Vlc, perc. and piano
Duration: 4’

Grn-Blau-Rot (listen here)
Based on the painting by Johannes Itten, written for the Bauhaus Band
Recorded in Feb 2023, featured in the Bauhaus Festival (May)
- For jazz orchestra
Duration: 5’


Written for the Ligeti Quartet
Workshopped in Milton Court (Jan 2023)
- For String Quartet
Duration: c.15’

After Ravel
Written for the ‘UnRaveled’ concert
Performed in Silk Street Music Hall, London (Jul)
- For Harp Septet
Duration: 5’

After Ravel
Written for Matthew King
Recorded by Matthew King at GSMD
 - Solo Piano
Duration: 3’

Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions
Written for Ben Smith
Recorded by Ben Smith
 - Solo Piano
Duration: 4’

Lady in Mauve
Based on the painting by Lyonel Feininger, written for the Bauhaus Band
Recorded in Feb 2022, featured in the Bauhaus Festival (May)
 - For jazz orchestra
Duration: 4’30”

The Second Thought 
Based on Kabir’s quote and ideas from Aldous Huxley’s Perennial Philosophy 
Workshopped in Milton Court (GSMD)
 - For Large Ensemble
Duration: c.5’30”

Wild Nights! Wild Nights!
Written for the AESS English Song Competition 
A setting of Emily Dickinson’s poem of the same name
- For soprano and piano
Duration: 2’30”


Brass Quintet in five movements
Workshopped at GSMD


Based on Pasternak’s character in Dr Zhivago
 - Solo Clarinet

Chorale for trombone trio
Recorded live in Barbican Car Park
 - 2 Tenor trombones and 1 Bass trombone

And he turned his mind to unknown arts (Listen here)
Written for the BBC 30 second composition challenge
Performed by Elizabeth Burley
- Solo Piano