List of Works

Lady in Mauve
Poems from Joyce’s Chamber Music
Cavalcade, Dances and Reflections
The New York Trilogy
The Wayfarer
An Image of Stars


Written for Heather Roche
Workshopped and recorded at GSMD
- For clarinet and electronic tape/track
Duration: 6’30”

Performed by the Bauhaus Band at the Bauhaus Festival (Ercol/Vidal Sassoon) 2024
Comissioned by John Harle
- For saxophones (SSATTB), piano, guitar, bass guitar and drum kit
Duration: c.2’

The New York Trilogy
Workshopped at GSMD
Conducted by Jack Sheen
- For orchestra
Duration: c.15’

So Soon Vidal?
Written for John Harle’s Bauhaus Band on the theme of Vidal Sassoon
Recorded at GSMD and premiered at the Bauhaus Festival 2024
- For jazz orchestra  
Duration: 4’


Written for John Harle ‘s Bauhaus Band
Recorded at GSMD
- For jazz orchestra  
Duration: c.4’

The Repeating Meme
Written for Exaudi
Workshopped in Milton Court (Jan 2024)
 - For 8 voices
Duration: c.6’30”

The Wayfarer
Written for the short film of the same name
Recorded at GSMD (Nov)
- For 9 players

An Image of Stars (opera)
Performed in Milton Court Theatre -  (Apr)
- For soprano and baritone soloists and large ensemble (16 players)
Duration: c.1h

The Machine Stops (short opera)

Written for the Silk Street Sinfonietta
Performed in Silk Street Music Hall (GSMD - Jul)
 - For large ensemble (16 players)
Duration: c.20’

Theme and Variations (Germaine Dulac film)
Written for the Guildhall Session Orchestra
Live performance at Barbican Cinema to film (Jun)
 - For small orchestra
Duration: 2’

Ayo Visto Lo Mappamundi
Written for the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble (ECSE)
Performed at the National Centre for Early Music as part of their BBC Young Composer Award
 - For 2 cornetts, 3 sackbuts and chamber organ
Duration:  c.4’

Cavalcade, Dances and Reflections
Inspired by Chagall’s stained glass window in Chichester Cathedral
Composed in a week as an exercise (6th-13th Feb)
 - For Cl, Vln, Vlc, perc. and piano
Duration: 4’

Grn-Blau-Rot (listen here)
Based on the painting by Johannes Itten, written for the Bauhaus Band
Recorded in Feb 2023, featured in the Bauhaus Festival (May)
- For jazz orchestra
Duration: 5’


Written for the Ligeti Quartet
Workshopped in Milton Court (Jan 2023)
- For String Quartet
Duration: c.15’

After Ravel
Written for the ‘UnRaveled’ concert
Performed in Silk Street Music Hall, London (Jul)
- For Harp Septet
Duration: 5’

After Ravel
Written for Matthew King
Recorded by Matthew King at GSMD
 - Solo Piano
Duration: 3’

Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions
Written for Ben Smith
Recorded by Ben Smith
 - Solo Piano
Duration: 4’

Lady in Mauve
Based on the painting by Lyonel Feininger, written for the Bauhaus Band
Recorded in Feb 2022, featured in the Bauhaus Festival (May)
 - For jazz orchestra
Duration: 4’30”

Blake Songs (unfinished)
Settings of William Blake poems  
Premiered by Alfie Chesney at Guildhall as part of Voiceworks festival 2024
- For unaccompanied voice
Duration: 2’ (tbc...)

The Second Thought
Based on Kabir’s quote and ideas from Aldous Huxley’s Perennial Philosophy 
Workshopped in Milton Court (GSMD)
 - For Large Ensemble
Duration: c.5’30”

Wild Nights! Wild Nights!
Written for the AESS English Song Competition 
Premiered by Sarah Leonard in the London Song Festival
(Also performed by Katherina Russell at Guildhall as part of Voiceworks festival 2024)
- For soprano and piano
Duration: 2’30”


Brass Quintet in five movements
Workshopped at GSMD


Based on Pasternak’s character in Dr Zhivago
Recorded by Cara Doyle at GSMD
- Solo Clarinet

Chorale for trombone trio
Recorded live in Barbican Car Park
- 2 Tenor trombones and Bass trombone

And he turned his mind to unknown arts (Listen here)
Written for the BBC 30 second composition challenge
Performed by Elizabeth Burley
- Solo Piano